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Preparation for Child Birth in Preganancy
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Preparation for Child Birth in PreganancyAnything that enhances the well-being of mom will benefit her pregnancy and birth-such as healthy, wholesome nutrition, good hydration, plenty of exercise, rest and activities that minimize stress, avoiding smoking, alcohol, drugs and other toxic substances, and loving support from family and friends.

However, no one - not your doctor, attendant, or even your mother - can reliably predict how your labor will progress. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do now to help prepare your body for what`s to come. During labor and birth, you must have continuous attendance of skilled personnel and other support persons such as one`s partner, mother, sister, friend-people who are calm, positive, encouraging, reassuring, nurturing, and patient. These people must guard and protect the natural process of childbirth without unnecessary interference when it is working well, and have complete trust and confidence in a woman`s ability to birth and a baby`s ability to be born. It is essential that you totally accept and embrace the entire process, the bodily secretions, the pain and possible loss of control; to surrender and let go to the normal process of childbirth and also understand due to its unpredictable nature, there may be complications.

The average labor lasts nine hours in first-time mothers and six-and-a-half in women laboring again -- and that`s from the onset of regular, painful contractions, occurring five to three minutes apart. Most women have several, if not many, additional hours from the time the first vague twinges begin and this pattern setting in.

You must have the freedom to be vocal about your pain, move about, change position, and be active and upright, using gravity and the widest dimensions of the birth canal. A laboring woman should know that she will be pushed to the edge and beyond, forced to draw upon inner reserves and strengths she did not know she had, and as it gets even harder, she will rise to the occasion to meet the challenge with success.

This document deals with what you need to know about labor and birth. Today women can learn how to use their bodies to minimize discomfort and speed the progress of labor. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us