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Unusual Pots For Your Plants
Your PlantsGardening doesn`t have to serious. Sometimes it can be really funny and silly. You can make gardens in all sorts of crazy places and grow plants in really wacky containers that will make everyone laugh. You can guarantee that your garden will be very different from everyone else`s - and you might be surprised at how interesting and zany it all looks. You will need: Potting mix, seeds or seedlings, dark green or dark blue plastic paint & paintbrush (optional), a bucketful of imagination!

1. Artists use the term "found objects" to apply to everyday bits and pieces (usually junk!) they use in the creation of their artworks.
2. There are lots of "found objects" that can be used as plant containers. For an object to be useful for plants, it must have enough room inside for the plant`s roots to grow. The other really important thing is that it has to have a drainage hole - or you must be able to make one. (If you find a really interesting container and you can`t make a hole, then you might be able to use it as a bird bath or to make a bog garden - I once saw a bog garden growing in an old toilet bowl!)
3. Some household junk that can make interesting plant containers include worn-out boots, suitcases with broken handles, old wheelbarrows, baby baths, broken kids` toys such as tricycles with trays, trucks or prams, kettles and saucepans with holes in the bottom, sinks, watering cans or wooden boxes. (You can find some great stuff when the council has a "hard rubbish" collection when people put their junk on the footpath! You can also find treasures in Op Shops - and holes are an advantage! ) Sometimes you can make the objects more waterproof and help them blend in with the garden better by giving them one or more coats of paint all the one colour.
4. Another good place to look for unusual plant containers is in junk yards. Bits of machinery are often interesting shapes.
5. Found objects can also be natural things - pieces of hollow branch, burnt out stumps, driftwood, seashells (big ones!)
6. Suitable plants to put in your containers include lobelia, succulents such as echeveria & sedum, tillandsia, impatiens, viola, Virginian stock and nemesia. Keep the plants well-watered.
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