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Tree and flower diseases
Name Disease / Damage Control
Almond Leaf curl swollen and malformed reddish blisters on leaves. Spray before buds burst with lime sulphur . Half pint in two gallons of water
Aster Wilt browning and withering of leaves from bottom of plant up. Take short cuttings in early spring, and plant out on fresh site in April.
Begonia Bacterial wilt brown spots on leaves and on stalks so that branches wilt and die . Cut off affected parts and spray with colloidal copper.
Camellia Leaf blotch greyish blotches in young rooted cuttings. cut off affected parts and spray with captan.
Carnation Stem rot Leaves turn yellow and wither. Destroy affected plants and use sterilized soil for the cuttings.
Dahlia Leafy Gall Cauliflower like growth of leaves. Destroy affected plants
Delphinium Mildew Spray with Karathene
Elm Mildew Spray with Karathene
Freesia Leaves show pronounced striping Destroy infected stock and plant anew.
Gardenia Canker Cut off any affected branches and spray with colloidal copper.
Gladiolus Dry Rot black lesions on corms. Dip in organo- mercurial dust before planting. Plant on a fresh site each season.
Hydrangea Mildew Spray with Karathene
Iris Ink On bulbous irises, black inky patches on bulbs should be burnt.
Juniper Rust swollen branches producing white horn like fruiting bodies containing brown spores. Cut off and burn.
Lilac Blight blackens young shoots and flowers causing them to wither and droop. Cut out affected shoots.
Maple Tar Spot black spots on leaves, but not usually serious. Burn old leaves.
Oak Mildew can be serious on young oaks. Spray with Karathene
Rhododendron Rust orange spots on underside of leaf- not very common. Spray with Thiram
Spruce Rust on needles. Since alternate host is rhododendron, do not grow them near these.
Tulip Fire- scorching of leaves and potting on petals. Soil is contaminated. Treat soil with TCNB on planting. Choose good bulbs and spray with zineb or captan when young in foliage.
Violet Smut swollen blisters on shoots, and leaves contain black powdery spores. Spray Bordeaux mixture after destroying affected plants.
Willow Canker Brown spots on leaves. Small cankers on shoots. Cut away cankered wood and burn it. Paint over the cuts with tar.
Zinnia Seedling Blight seedlings die as a result of infected seed. Destroy.
Parasitic and Non Pa.. Allelopathy Tree and flower dise..
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