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Tips on creating a dazzling spring windowbox
Tips on creating a dazzling spring windowboxTo show off all the plants in your windowbox, select plants of different heights. Next, select flowers with blossom colors that compliment each other. Doing this will give your container a more pleasing eye appeal. Now, consider the foliage color, size, and texture of the plants you select.

Sometimes adding plants with striking foliage and no flowers will make an outstanding addition to a windowbox. Then there`s the issue of symmetry, or balance. Do you want a super formal look, or more of an informal cottage garden look? Just remember, you`re the artist painting this flowering canvas to suit you!

Some suggestions :
`Blue Victoria` Salvia is an excellent choice as an upright flower for the back area of your windowbox. They will provide a cool shade with their tall spikes of blue flowers. Salvia blooms from late spring to late fall, and adapts well to containers. Two to four plants will be adequate.

`Scarlet` Nicotiana is a charming, old-fashioned upright flower, with showy trumpet-shaped blossoms. Choose the scarlet colored variety called "Domino" to blend beautifully with the other colors we will be adding. Alternate three or four Nicotiana with the Salvia when planting.

`Trailing Classic` Zinnias with their cheerful blossoms will cascade nicely over the edge of your windowbox. Plant one or maybe two in each front corner of your windowbox, placing them fairly close to the outer edge for trailing. They will also bloom until late fall with little care.

`Trailing Rapid Blue` Lobelia produce masses of tiny dark blue flowers from late spring to late fall. Their delicate dark green leaves create a pleasing foliage contrast. Intersperse these little gems between the Classic Zinnias and Marigolds for a smooth symmetrical look.

`Yellow Pot` Marigolds are a superb filler plant. They are easy to grow, and will make a splash of bright yellow planted front and center with the Blue Lobelia and Classic Zinnias. This continues the symmetric or balanced look of your windowbox.

A delicate `Pink Miniature Rouletti` Rose will add a touch of elegance and a heavenly fragrance, and also fill out the center of your windowbox. This dainty miniature rose offers great foliage contrast and is a superb color compliment for a finishing touch.

Container plants need to be watered more often than those planted in your garden. Establish a regular watering schedule for best results. Spray a reliable liquid fertilizer on your plants every two to three weeks to keep them thriving and healthy. Keep an eye out for noxious plant "pests" and if necessary, treat with a reliable organic pest control substance. Finally, be sure to deadhead faded or drooping blossoms and leaves. Doing this keeps your windowbox looking fresh as a daisy, and also promotes continual blooming throughout the summer.

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