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Sand and Stone - Ryojin
Sand and Stone - RyojinThe Sand and Stone Garden was developed in the Muromachi Era and represents Zen spiritualism. It is primarily used as a place for monks to meditate. Not suprisingly, then, this type of garden is mostly found in Zen monasteries. The garden is surrounded by a beautiful wall. Sand and stone make up this type of garden, hence the name. It is rectangular with carefully raked white sand that is enclosed by a beautiful tile-roofed plaster wall. There are five groupings of fifteen stones arranged in clusters of two, three, and five. At the base of each grouping is growing moss. White sand is used with rocks arranged in a simple, but artistic, manner. When a person looks at this garden it looks "void." The sand gives off the sense of space and emptiness. The key here is that the sand clears the visitors` minds of the outside world, allowing them to make their own interpretations of the garden. Some say that the white sand represents a body of water, and the rocks in the middle of the sand are the islands of Japan. The rocks are set up in an artistic arrangement. If the artist was to add another rock, it would make a difference with relation to the garden. If you were to add a rock, or move one, it would destroy the composition of the garden--and possibly the meaning as well. This shows that the Sand and Stone Garden is a delicate artistic representation built with great artistic talent and a high level of spiritual involvement.
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