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Rose Gardening
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Rose GardeningRose Gardening has remained one of a gardener`s most passionate pass times. Fossil remains found in Europe and America show that the rose was established on earth before man evolved. It has been found growing wild in most countries in the temperate zones in the Northern Hemisphere.

During its evolution Rose Gardening developed shapes and habits ranging from small shrubby bushes to robust tree climbers soaring up from the forest floor to reach the sky. It is the wild roses that are the true species, of which there are at least a hundred and fifty. The great majority of these originate from Asia. Almost all varieties, with very few exceptions, grow single flowers, each with a whorl of 5 petals.

Throughout the ages, gardeners cultivated the rose, developing the double flower and eventually the modern hybrids. Amongst the earliest species, the Rosa Gallica is believed to be the parent from which all European garden roses are descended. Many cross breeds later, we now have hundreds of varieties of roses.

Many people have the idea that roses are a speciality, undertaken by only the most serious gardeners. Actually, roses can be low maintenance, although they do have their preferences. Once you learn what these are, you to will be able to delight your neighbors with the sight and smell of wonderful roses.

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