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Procurement of Plants in Gardening
Plant material may be in the form of seed or plant according to the plan, it is better to make the selection early and collect the catalogue at least six months in advance. Some of the institutions, like the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi require booking of orders for roses and bougainvilleas about six to eight months in advance, when new plants are being raised.

For smaller gardens it is not always necessary t o buy the latest varieties because these are often very costly. A gardener, unless desirous of competing in a show, can afford to wait for a couple of years when the prices will come down.

The source of supply must be the most reliable one. Economy at the expense of quality of plant material is a false economy. After all the labour and patient waiting, it is heart rending to see that nothing hs born fruit or at the most indifferent ones. There should be no compromise with quality. Within the allotted budget, less types of plants and less of each type may serve as a good guide. Advice given by professional bodies regarding disease resistant varieties may be taken into consideration when selecting your material.

You have to keep your soil ready before your seeds and saplings arrive for plantation. If the plant material is vegetative,i.e. in the form of plants, the site where it will be put immediately on arrival should be kept ready in advance. If the weather on arrival of these plants n seeds is not suitable , that is too chilly or rainy or if the ground is too wet, soggy or frost bitten, it is better to keep the material after unpacking in a sheltered place, with roots intact and covered with soil. The original packing, if with the earth ball, maybe retained intact with a moist gunny bag around it.

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