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Outdoor Gardening
The Lawn
Outdoor GardeningOf all the different types of gardening that one can indulge in today, Outdoor gardening is hard to beat. It is the most traditional type of gardening and one that is really enjoyable. The most characteristic feature of a traditional outdoor garden is the lawn. It provides both a recreational area and a foil for the bright colours of borders and beds.

Gardening is not only a good pastime but gives you good physical exercise as well. People like to believe that sowing plants and looking after them, watering them is a hobby, which can only be practiced only post retirement. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Gardening, especially outdoor gardening is something that a child of 4 can enjoy as much as a man of 84.

Outdoor gardening is all about your grass, trees and the plants you have in it. For a good outdoor garden you must have a plot which receives lots of sunshine and has access to enough and easy watering modes. Lawns, hedges, a few good trees and lots of flowers in bloom arranged with forethought will be a gardener`s delight and a soothing enjoyable place for the onlooker.

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