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Making the Vegetable Garden
Making the Vegetable GardenWhen choice is possible, this should be fully exposed to the sun and longer from north to south than from east to west. For if the rows can run north and south and the long way of the area, this will favor the even distribution of sunlight and also reduce the number of necessary turns with the wheelhoe at the ends of the rows when cultivating. Always the plot should be well drained, because vegetables fail to grow well in poorly drained ground and because slow evaporation of excess water keeps the ground cold and "late" in spring and more subject to drought in dry weather. If it can be higher than the adjacent ground so much the better; this will favor the "drainage" of cold air to the lower levels and often prevent damage by late spring and early autumn frosts.

Southern and southeastern exposures are earlier than western and northern slopes because they are warmer, especially when high ground to the north and west protects them from prevailing winds. Snow soon disappears on such slopes, excess water quickly drains away, and planting may start a week or two weeks earlier than elsewhere. Furthermore, crops normally mature earlier in such locations. However, if well drained as to air and water, and shielded from cold winds by high ground, woods, windbreaks or hedges, level land is nearly as early.
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