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Making a Garden Pond
 Garden PondWould you like to have your own garden pond? It is not difficult to do and you don`t really need special pumps or plumbing for a little pond, if you grow water weeds in it. You will have to ask Mum or Dad if there is a suitable place in your garden to build one and if there are babies and toddlers in your family you might have to wait until they are old enough not to be in any danger of drowning.

You will need: a spade, some heavy black plastic, some large flattish rocks, sand, plants, water weeds, cold water fish such as Comets.

1. Choose a low part of the garden in a shaded spot. If you choose a sunny position, the water will soon become green and murky.
2. Dig a hole the size you want the pond to be. Make it no more than 30cm deep. Clear away the soil that you have dug out. The sides of the pond should be level. You can check this by resting a straight board across the hole at different places and using a spirit level to check. Mum or Dad can show you how it works.
3. Spread the black plastic over the hole. Make sure that the sheet of plastic is MUCH BIGGER than the hole. Push the plastic down into it and smooth it against the sides so that there is no air left underneath. The plastic should cover the sides of the pond and the ground surrounding it. Trim the plastic with scissors allowing about 15cm of plastic to surround the pond.
4. Arrange some large rocks all around the edge of the pond. Big flat rocks are good because you can let them overhang the water a bit and that hides the plastic sides. 5. Use some of the soil you dug out to fill up the areas behind the rocks. Plant some plants you might find near water e.g. ferns, irises and mossy-looking plants like Baby`s Tears.
6. Wash the sand and spread it on the bottom of the pond. Add some funny shaped rocks. These make good hiding places for fish. Put in some water plants and anchor them under the rocks.
7. Now for the best bit! Take the nozzle off the hose and rest it on the rocks and slowly fill the pond with water.
8. Let the pond settle for a couple of days, then you can add the fish. The pond needs fish to eat any mosquito larvae (wrigglers). You will have to feed them fish food for a while but then the pond may produce enough food for them.
9. You will have to top up the pond every few days with water from the hose - especially in summer. Don`t forget! You can also keep tadpoles in the pond (but not with fish!) and a few water snails will help keep it clean.
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