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Kitchen Garden
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Kitchen GardenWhat could be more comforting than a garden that gives sustenance to both body and soul? This is the essence of the kitchen garden. Growing our salads using vegetables and having an occasional fruit tree to provide, lemons, mangos, and coconuts - the table will be very inviting with the occasional tomato, cucumber or lettuce picked minutes before eating.

Nature is a SHE, none can match her in wrapping, preserving and presenting food. You will appreciate all these things when you are growing food yourself in your own backyard. One more thing - you can be sure that they are free from all chemicals and poisons when you grow your own. You plant a good seed, provide organic manure and kitchen waste and water - that is all. No fertilizer, no poisonous insecticide, fungicides, viricides, bactericides, or weed killer. Any poison you put on your crop, you have to eat it yourself in the end. Just remember this simple truth.

Just raise a good crop, share something with the birds and the beasts. Even when you buy produce, buy only that fruit or vegetable with a mark on it showing you that it was visited by an insect. It is your guarantee that it has been tasted and found fit for your consumption. The more shiny and blemish free the produce, the more chance that they are loaded with residual poisons. Insects are nature`s food tasters in this chemical infested agriculture.

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