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Japanese Gardens
Strolling Pond Garden.. Sand and Stone-Ryojin.. Tea Garden-Rojiniwa
Flat Garden-Hiraniwa
Japanese GardensJapanese gardens are very important to the Japanese. All of the gardens are representations of nature. The purpose of these gardens in to capture nature is the utmost natural way, and do it with a touch of artistic feeling. The Japanese gardens, for the Japanese people, have an ancient history influenced by Shinto, Buddhist and Taoist philosophies. These philosphies are used in the creation of the Japanese Gardens so as to bring a spiritual sense to the gardens. The Buddhist influence makes the garden a quiet place, allowing people to look back and reflect upon themselves, or meditate. The essential elements to a Japanese garden--water, garden plants, stones, waterfalls, trees, and bridges--create this symbolism.

There are two common misconceptions concerning Japanese gardens. The first is that the Japanese gardens always follow certain ground rules with regard to both arrangement and content. This is not true. The architect does follow some rules, but he/she is free to express his/her creativity through the Japanese garden. The second is that Japanese gardens are miniature gardens. This is also not true. Everything that is designed is ascessible for full size adults, but sometimes the small trees give the illusion of the Japanese garden being small. There are four different styles of Japanese gardens.
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