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Indian Gardens
Aam Khas Bagh, Sirhind.. Akbar`s Tomb Garden Brindavan Gardens
Mughal GardensIndia has one of the world`s oldest garden-design traditions but the gardens which survive in reasonable condition are the `Mughal Gardens`, made by Islamic rulers between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. See list of gardens (below) and information on garden tours in India.

It is likely that gardens were made in the Harappan period (2500-2000 BC) but little is known of them. The Lord Buddha was born in 560 BC in a grove, or park, known as Lumbini at the foot of Mount Palpa in the Himalayas. Such places have been especially valued since then. A famous event in the life of the Buddhist King Ashoka (270-250 BC) took place in ` garden of the Golden Pavilion` and he later gave instructions for parks and gardens to me made throughout his kingdom.

The great South Indian temples made in the 10th and 11th centuries had water tanks and gardens within the temple compounds. Arab traders were in contact with India at this time and there was an exchange of ideas, the Arabs being familiar with the Roman and Persian garden traditions. When Turkish peoples began to invade India from the north they brought Persian and Islamic art and literature with them. This is when the Mughal (or Mogul or Mongol) gardens were made. Hindu culture was always assimilative.
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