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Herb Gardening
Features of Herb Gardeni.. Harvesting and Pest cont.. History of Herbs
Herbs for Beginning Gard.. Cultivation of Herbs & S.. Preservation of Herbs..
Herb Garden Design Spices Herbal Plants
Herb GardeningAn herb garden is easy to grow, use, store and share. An herb is any plant used for cooking, fragrance, to make drinks or medicine. The term herb is also used to mean herbaceous, which is a botanical term for a leafy plant that doesn`t get a woody stem. Most plants we call herbs are indeed herbaceous. Ethnobotanist, scientists who study the relationship between people and plants make a differentiation between herbs and spices: Herbs are plants that we use the leafs, stems and flowers of, whereas spices come from other parts of the plant such as roots, bark or seeds. Some examples are cinnamon, from bark, turmeric, from a root, and pepper, a seed. Common varieties include basil, chives, thyme and mint. An herb garden is of course a garden containing herbs, but that can mean a few terracotta pots on the back steps or a an acre of carefully designed beds with hundreds of types of plants. Either way, an herb garden can be a lovely and useful thing.

Herbs are essential ingredients for flavoring and spicing up recipes all over the world. Without them, eating would be pretty bland. Herbs add flavor, character, and uniqueness to recipes. Used alone or in combination, they help to make cooking fun and enjoyable, and eating a sheer joy!

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