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Gardening in Modern Period
Cottage gardenGertrude Jekyll is arguably the most influential gardener of 20th century England. She popularized the herbaceous border and planning a garden based on colour schemes. This built on the tradition of the "Cottage garden", with its profusion of flowers wherever space permits, and climbers on trellises and walls. Jekyll saw the house and garden as part of an integral whole, rather than the garden as an afterthought to the building. Her work survives at Marsh Court (Hampshire) and Hestercombe (Somerset).

Gardening has always been a matter of personal taste, and often the outstanding works of previous generations are torn down to make way for the style of the next. For that reason it is hard to find unaltered examples of historical gardens in England.

Royal Botanic GardensYet, throughout Britain there are gardens great and small, formal and informal, private and public, that illustrate the British passion for creating green, growing spaces of their own. All are different, and all, like their owners and creators, have a distinct personality In the 18th Century the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in Surrey were founded, and these, together with the botanic gardens in Oxford and Cambridge, and elsewhere, and those of the Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley have made England one of the richest countries for plant life.
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