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Gardening Gifts
Gardening GiftsA gift of gardening tools or plants to an avid gardener will make him happy like nothing else will. It is a fairly easy choice to make when you know that anything to do with flowers, plants, seeds and tools are what your friend, host, brother etc. are looking for. Gardeners love tending the earth and watching their garden grow. While many gardeners will already have the basic tools of gardening such as spades, hoes, and watering cans, there is an incredible variety of gifts that will contribute to their garden. From bulbs to ladybugs, any gifts will provide an element of surprise and enjoyment to one of their favorite activities.

Simple things like seeds at the beginning of the flowering season, a rare orchid, a set of gardening gloves or a small set of handy secateurs are always welcome gifts.

For those who want to be a little more exotic in their gift giving ideas, you can opt for an upside down tomato garden, a rain chain or a place-anywhere-solar-fountain. A gardener`s gift basket containing things like hand care kit is also a good idea.

For people who wish to give expensive items or for gardeners who would like to pamper themselves with gifts there are no dearth of ideas. Garden tables and chairs, patio furniture, swing seats, garden hammocks, parasols and shades- the list is endless.

Just buying gifts without any thought is not going to make very goods. One must take time and care to consider the options and the suitability of the gift. Price is the easiest part. If you have a budget, all the better, because that narrows down your choices that much more. Consideration must also be given to the size of the garden to whom you will give your gift. Is it a large spacious one which will be suitable for garden chairs and hammocks with water fountains; is it just a small overhanging done up with baskets and small pots above a small verandah; is it only a backyard garden or is it an ornamental exotic garden with bonsais and rare flora? Your gift will vary accordingly.

Before commencing your shopping spree you must also consider the gift`s utility - where it is something for yourself or a friend. Does it have any practical utility? Is it good looking? Does it go with the design of the garden? Will it serve its purpose or just be relegated to the junk in the garden shed.

A plant is a special gift that brings beauty to the home and to the heart. It is also without doubt one of the no-think gifts that you can give a gardener friend. Whether it is a simple rose plant or a rare ornamental plant it will never fail to delight the recipient. Some particular plants make especially pleasing gifts. The poinsettia is undoubtedly the most popular gift plant, but many others are equally festive for the holiday season. Christmas cactus, begonias, cyclamen and azaleas offer attractive blossoms on compact plants and can brighten any room in the house. Jerusalem cherry and ornamental pepper plants feature festive fruits in celebration of the season.

It is wise to try and match the gift to the recipient in terms of the kind of care the plant needs. Christmas cactus will need bright sunlight to continue blooming and growing after the holidays, as will Jerusalem cherry and ornamental pepper plants. Most flowering plants, including azaleas, begonias and cyclamen, will tolerate indirect bright light but demand cool temperatures, especially at night. Jerusalem cherries are poisonous, so they are best suited for families that do not have young children.

Some gift plants will continue to bloom throughout the new year if given proper care. Others may need a period of rest before they can be brought back to life. Ask the sales clerk for a plant-care sheet when you make your purchases.

A book on gardening is another ideal gift for garden lovers. How to books and books on soil culture or organic gardening are always ideal gifts. It is also a good idea to gift books for the novice gardener if you want to set someone out on this hobby.

For those who don`t happen to be endowed with a "green thumb," consider a flowering bulb that can be discarded after blooms have finished. Florists will have a good selection of potted bulbs already in bloom. Many garden suppliers carry flowering bulb packages for forcing into color indoors. Amaryllis, tulips, hyacinths and paper-white narcissus are among the favorites.

A plant makes a great gift, but be sure your gift is delivered with the same care you took to select it. During cold weather, even the healthiest plant can be damaged during delivery. Cold and wind exposure for as short a period as it takes to walk to your car can damage some plants. Be sure the salesperson wraps your purchase in floral wrapping paper to protect it from cold temperatures and wind. Get the plant from the store to your car as quickly as possible. If the temperature is below freezing, preheat the car beforehand to prevent further chilling injury.

A plant left in an unheated car can be injured or killed quickly, so drop it off at home before running other errands. If the plant must be in cold air for any length of time, insulate it by placing it in a box with several layers of newspaper bundled around the top as well as around the container. Roots can be injured by chilling too. Packing the plant in a box with newspaper also will help protect it from tipping over. Besides breaking stems and leaves, tipping often causes soil to spill from the pot, breaking roots along the way.

If giving a plant isn`t feasible, there are many other ideas for your gardening friends and family. Good gardening tools often head the gardener`s wish list. Garden tools are without doubt the safest gift if you are planning to gift something small to a friend or relative who is an enthusiastic gardener.

A sturdy new rake, hoe or spade can save both time and a tired back for the busy gardener. Small hand tools, such as prunners, trowels and cultivators, are handy both inside and out. For bulb gardeners, a long-handled bulb planter or a bulb drill bit can help make the job easier.

Indoor gardeners would surely appreciate a lighting system to help their houseplants thrive during dreary winter months. Lighting systems can be as small as a fluorescent tube or as large as a multiple-shelved.Gardening books are available on a wide variety of subjects and can help your special gardener improve his or her gardening skills. If you`re still undecided on a gift for your gardener, try a gift certificate from their favorite seed company or local garden shop. Give a membership to a nearby botanic garden, conservatory or arboretum. Or, send them a subscription to a garden magazine
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