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Features of Herb Gardening

There are a wide variety of herbs which you can use. Depending on who is counting, there are 40 to 60 different kinds of herbs. Each one has it`s own distinct flavoring. Most are easy to grow. There are annuals, perennials and even biennials.

With that many herbs, there should be lots or uses, right!?! Absolutely! Listed below are the different categories of herbs. Note, many fall into two or more categories.

AromaticAromatic-Grown for their scent, aromatics herbs are used in flower vases or dried arrangements. Their oils are used in perfumes, candles, and toiletries to name a few. A couple of favorites are Lavender and Mint.

Culinary- CulinaryWe think of this category of herb first and foremost. Most gardeners grow a few or several varieties. Needless to say, food would be plain and boring without this group of herbs. Some of the more popular include Basil, Chives and Dill.

MedicinalMedicinal- Since ancient times, many types of herbs have been used in medicine and believed to have the power to cure a wide range of ailments. We know some of them have been proved to be true. Others, like garlic, have preventative characteristics.

Also in ancient times, many herbs were believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits. We all are too familiar with the belief that Garlic worn around the neck will ward off vampires.

Ornamental- Ornamental herbs are commonly grown for fresh or dried arrangements. Ornamental herbs also make the flower gardens look nicer. That is why herbs are often grown amidst the flowers. In this sense, they are used like a flower. You probably consider most of these to also fit within another category of herb. If so, you are right!

Medicinal Value:

Since ancient times, herbs were, and continue to be used for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. Some herbs, most notably Garlic, were used to ward off evil spirits.Over the years, some herbs were proven to be effective in the treatment of ailments or injuries.

 Herb Garden Planting Planting:Herb gardens are fun and easy to grow. They also take up little space. Many growers put herb gardens up against their house or garage wall, so they can walk out and pick the herbs they need for the day`s meal.

Tip: If you are growing perennials or biennials, make sure to plan your Herb garden so as not to disturb them the next year.

You can select your own favorites, or buy a package with a wide variety. We encourage you to experiment and try new herbs each year. That way, you will be certain to try new recipes all winter long.

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