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Euonymus in Gardening
Euonymus Euonymus radicans (Evergreen Bittersweet), is a species of evergreen vine that comes in several excellent varieties. Some make good ground cover as well as wall plants, rarely growing over ten feet high. It thrives well on north sides of buildings as well as in exposed location, will grow readily in semi-shade, and reasonably well in dense shade.

The variety Euonymus radicans vegetus (Scarlet fruited Big leaf Winter creeper), is an excellent variety, half shrub, half vine. For low-growing hedges or rounding out corners in the foundation planting it has the advantage of growing under broad eaves clinging closely to the building but having the appearance of an evergreen shrub. Its glossy rich green foliage attracts much attention as do its red berries. Once established for a year or so it grows and spreads rapidly but is easily confined to the space desired. Give it good soil and it is an economical evergreen in your planting. Pinching out the tops during the first year will produce healthy bottom growth in both ivy and euonymous.
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