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Choice of Plants for Garden
Choice of PlantsIn making a choice of plants, greater emphasis should be on the plants suited to locality, though experiments with exotic plants would be interesting. The altitude of the place, whether plain or hills, high or low would all determine your choice of flowers. The selection may also be done according to the position of the land available - sunny, shady or semi- shady.

In choosing the plants, you may not wish to miss out on a plant which you fancy. For example, the tulsi, which is a must in most Hindu families because of its religious connotations. It is also a very good medicinal herb incidentally.

In conclusion one must remember that a garden is more exciting if it contains certain changing features besides the permanent ones. It may have some or all of the above mentioned features depending on its size, contours, location and choice of the gardener. You can also be very exclusive and unconventional if you wish and let your garden grow as if it were a jungle; but even doing that demands a certain creativity. But do not get so carried away as to let become the breeding ground of snakes.

The garden is yours and you must grow and maintain it as you wish.

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