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Bedding Plants in Ornamental Gardening
Bedding Plants Many of the flowering plants in an ornamental garden are annuals, biennials or herbaceous perennials.

Annuals, also called bedding plants, are plants that complete their life cycle within one year. This means they germinate from seeds, grow leaves, flower, and then die. The following year, new plants must come from new seeds.

Biennials take two years to complete their life cycle, generally producing only leaves and roots in the first season with flowers appearing in the second year. A common biennial plant is the foxglove.

Herbaceous perennial plants live for at least three years, but go through a seasonal cycle of growing leaves and flowers that die down at the end of the season. The following year the plant regrows from the remaining underground tissues.

Note that woody perennials differ from herbaceous perennials in that the former have permanent woody tissue that remains above ground and growth continues from that every year. Shrubs and trees are classified as woody perennials.

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