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Backyard Gardening
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Backyard GardeningPlanting a backyard garden can be a fun and rewarding experience if you approach the planning and preparations aspect of gardening in the right way - but a lack of planning and preparation can cause your hard work in the hot summer months to yield mediocre results (if any) at the end of the growing season.

Find out how to properly care for your crops from start to finish with detailed information on how to properly prepare your plot for planting, how to plant your seeds and seedlings, and how to maintain your garden to produce spectacular results and avoid common mistakes and problems encountered by the average backyard gardener.

Your garden can be an oasis right in your own backyard. Combine it with a patio for an outdoor living room and dining room experience that can`t be beat.

Your garden starts off with fabulous flowers in your favorite colors that waft delicious fragrance all throughout your backyard. You can plant right in the ground and also include patio planters, hanging planters and window boxes. If you are really ambitious, you can grow your backyard flowers from seeds and save plenty of money, or buy bulbs that you can plant and enjoy year after year.

To relax in your garden oasis, you can include benches, arbors and chairs. If you include a patio area, you can have a wonderful outdoor dining room as well as comfy furniture to lounge in. An arbor or trellis can add visual color as well as work as a wall to separate different areas or block the view into a neighbors backyard.

A backyard pond can be a wonderful relaxing addition to your garden. Add some fish and you`ll have a fun spot to meditate. You can decorate your garden, pond and patio with all kinds of statues, globes and other adornments.

And what garden would be complete without a place for the birds? Bird feeders and houses can create hours of entertainment from your garden and even from your dining area on your patio or anywhere else in your backyard. No matter where you live, there`s tons of beautiful birds that you can attract with the right bird foods and bird baths. Even humming birds can be seen in most parts of the US at times and they can be attracted by the right flowers as well as appropriate bird feeders. When planning your garden, think about the butterflies as well as the birds and you`ll have a colorful wonderland all summer long!

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