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Angelica (Angelica archangelica) Herbal Plants
Angelica (Angelica archangelica)Description: Angelica is a large biennial, looking somewhat like an oversized celery plant. The greenish flowers are borne as umbels on very tall stems up to 2.5m (over 7ft) tall. Many seeds are produced that germinate readily soon after they are released.

Origin: Northern Europe

Cultivation: Angelica requires a sheltered, shaded position and rich, moist soil. Sow fresh seed in autumn, or as soon as seed becomes available. The tall flower stems may require staking.

Uses: All parts (including the roots) can be used, but the young stems are particularly flavoursome and aromatic in desserts and can add flavour interest to salads. Candied angelica stem is used in cakes and as a decoration, and angelica essence is used in making liqueurs such as Chartreuse. The plant was valued for its medicinal properties in Medieval times as a treatment for various infections, indigestion and flatulence.
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