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Aam Khas Bagh, Sirhind - Indian Garden
Aam Khas BaghFirst built by Akbar, additions were made by Jahangir and Shah Jahan. Originally the garden was spread in an area of a mile and a half and was divided into parts AAM (public) and KHAS (private of the Emperor use). Rare plants of the Mughal period are still extant here.

The Aam Khas Bagh was built for the public and also for exclusive use of the Emperor Shah Jahan. The Royal couple used to stay here while going to and coming back from Lahore. There were adequate number of palaces for the comfortable stay of the Mughal Emperors. A close scrutiny of the remnants of the palaces clearly indicate that there was a perfect system of air-conditioning in the palaces and the monument is called `SARAD KHANA`.

There are two inscribed Sand Stones with inscriptions. Only one of it is readable; "Subhan daughter of Behlol Lodhi who died on Friday, 11 of Safar 901 Hijri." The other grave, there, should be of Mir-i-Miran, Amir Sayyid, the son-in-law of the King.Built on a square platform, the semicircular dome of the tomb is supported by an octangular neck. The neck has fluted pillars of compound capitals of Hindu Origin in the four cardinal directions.

Originally irrigated by the now dried up, rivulet Sirhind, the garden has a cluster of buildings including a Sard Khana (air-conditioned rooms).
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