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18th Century French Gardens
In the 18th century England gave birth to a style of gardens that focused on the rediscovery of nature. This type of garden gained popularity in France for its connection to Rousseau`s ideals of natural escapes within the city. In France, this style became known as "le jardin paysager" or the landscape garden.

Gardens in the 18th century in France began the trend of gardens as an area for bourgeois strolling. Although strolling would not become a institute of bourgeois life until the 19th century, it is easy to see how "le jardins paysager" opened itself to this practice. The long, winding pathways surrounded by gardens and acres of natural lands, seen in the plan above, allowed visitors to escape into the peacefulness of the countryside. The beauty and simplicity of "le jardin paysager," coupled with gardens` increasingly touted health benefits, founded the French garden as an ideal place for bourgeois socializing. The overall appeal of the French garden to the bourgeoisie was the goal of a Rousseau-inspired escape to nature, while one remained in Paris. In Nicholas Green`s article he quotes Jules Simon as having reminisced on how "in certain corners of the Luxembourg garden you could almost believe yourself in the countryside. There was nothing more delicious, after a wearying day, than to find yourself hidden among these great trees, to forget Paris in the center of Paris, to smell the invigorating scents of earth and vegetation." The attempts to achieve this sense of escape from the city into the countryside can be seen in the many aspects that constitute a French garden. To learn more about the components of French gardens in the past see the sites concerning 17th century gardens and the gardens of the nobility. In the next century of gardens it is apparent that there was one last aspect missing from French gardens.
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