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Silver Age Latin Literature
It spans from 1st to 2nd century B.C. directly after the Golden Age however the literature of this Age is considered inferior to that of the Golden Age.Some writers of this Age are Petronius, Seneca, Lucas, Tacitus, Juvenal, Pliny the younger and Apuleius etc. Silver Latin can be further sub divided: a period of radical experimentation and a renewed Neo Classicism. The non-Christian writers include Ausonius, Clandian, Macroleius etc.

Modern Latin literature has many theologists and philosophers to its credit like Thomas Aquinas whose philosophy is rich and varied and has had an enormous influence on the Christian theology especially that of Roman Catholic church and on western philosophy in general where he stands on a vehicle and modifier of Aristotelanism. Sumima Theologeae is his most important work.Other notable writers include Albertus Magnus, Gregory of Taus, William of Ochham, Aetheria etc.

Historians like Geoffrey of Monmouth`s Historia Regum Britanniae traces the history of British kings from Brutus to the death of Cadwallader in the 7th century. It contains little trustworthy facts and is laced with the author`s own image.

Neo Latin has many luminaries to its credit like Dante, Milton, Bacon, Hobbes, Boccacio. Milton`s literary work was influenced by classical and biblical texts Paradise lost and Regained are his memorable works Boccaccio`s Decameron is allegorical and contains rawdy tales of love wit and humor.

Dante`s Divine Comedy is another masterpiece which forms the basis of modern Italian language. It destroys Dante`s Journey Through Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. It is written in his regional dialect thus establishing it as the standard for Italian. Thomas Hobbes Leviathan set the agenda for nearly all the subsequent western philosophies. His account of human nature as self interested cooperation has proved to be enduring theory in philosophy and anthropology. Thomas More wrote Utopia where he contrasts the contentious social life of European states with the organized social arrangement of Utopia where private property does not exist and religious tolerance is practiced. Spimoza has had influenced beyond the confines of philosophy. He equates God with Nature consistent with Einstein`s belief in impersonal deity, his pantheism has influenced environmental theory as well. Other scholars of Renaissance and Neo Classical include Petrarch, Bidermann and Erasmus.
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