Gardening Enter the world of real and imaginary gardens portrayed through the ages. Learn about gardening, its history, essentials of Gardening, types of gardens and plants, Kids gardening, bonsai, hydroponic gardening and gardening design and developements.
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    GardeningGardening is an art which needs skill and an sense of creativity. It requires a deep interest and prolonged involvement to develop a garden.Careful planning is essential for developing and maintaining a beautiful garden. It is for selecting Gardening sites with categorized areas of speciality for the home gardener ranging from starting seeds to site design and implementation.
    History of Gardening
    History of GardeningAs most gardens and landscapes are usually associated with major buildings, the study of them is intricately bound up with the history of architecture.Most of the gardens of the various Islamized cultures are traditionally lumped together under the title `Islamic gardens`. The common square pattern of the garden or the compound of a tomb probably developed from a fusion of the walled garden.
    Essentials of Gardening
    Essentials of GardeningThere are several kinds of gardens to choose from when you finally make the decision to plant. It is important is how big or small you want the garden to be. The simple step-by-step guidelines take away the mystery from common gardening techniques, such as pruning, propagation and taking cuttings. Plus, learn how to care for your garden during adverse weather conditions and how to grow fruit and vegetables.
    Types of Gardening
    Types of GardeningBased on the styles and sophistication, gardening is of different types. These are based on the desgins i.e. formal and Informal. The formal gardens have a geometric design or are arranged symmetrically. From formal to informal or somewhere in between, let us give you a better understanding of which garden style you prefer. Here is a few unique garden styles you may enjoy creating in your own landscape.
    Hydroponics Gardening
    Hydroponics GardeningHydroponics is a method of growing plants in water that contains dissolved nutrients. The name "Hydroponic" comes from Latin and means "Working Water". In reality hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil, or as some call it: "Dirtless Gardening".
    Worldwide Gardening
    Worldwide GardeningWorldwide gardening traditions and ideas have found their way to the area and many gardeners have adopted a definite style of gardening.Garden styles in the world is as diverse as its multicultural population. It is not uncommon to see a Mediterranean-style garden with hardy palm trees, figs and eucalyptus bordering onto a Japanese-style garden. Worldwide gardening traditions and ideas have found their way to this area and many gardeners have adopted an eclectic style of gardening, incorporating many styles and plants from around the world into their own little gardens.
    Kids Gardening
    Kids GardeningKids gardening explores gardening resources for kids who are beginners and interested in gardening.There are few things children enjoy more than digging in the dirt and making mud pies. They are fascinated by looking for worms and bugs and love to water the garden and anything else in the near vicinity.
    Bonsai in Gardening
    Bonsai in GardeningIt is the art of dwarfing trees by careful root and stem pruning coupled with root restriction.In Japanese, bonsai can be literally translated as `tray planting`. Such trees are fascinating and can be grown indoors as well. Based on the number of trees grown in a single pot and the shape of the trunk, Bonsai are of different styles, like the upright style, winding, cascade, gnarled, oblique and so on.
    Herb Gardening
    Herb GardeningMany of the plants we grow in gardens are such as annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees are herbs in the true sense of the word. Herbs are worth growing for pleasant aromatic foliage and some of them for the beauty of the flowers as well. Herbs can be used fresh for garnish in salads and to perk up the flavors of bland vegetables or to add flavor to meats and stews in which case one needs only to nip off a few leaves when wanted.
    Types of Plants
    Types of PlantsPlants are the backbone of any garden - even those comprised of a couple of containers need plants. Plants grow and get food from the two processes of photosynthesis and respiration. There are enormous plants cultivated in gardens. Plants are divded into different categories according to their growth and features Plants which are [popular are short, branchless, early-flowering and can withstand much harsher climates than other types. : Web portal on Indian Culture and Lifestyle
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